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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Jacob's Well uses an emergent method of teaching where our trained teachers design their curriculum based on the interest of the children. So instead of trying to figure out a "hook" to get your children interested in the lesson, the teacher starts with the children's interest based on observation, documentation, and creative brainstorming. Our curriculum is not just pulled from some book off the shelf, but we work really closely with your child's needs and interests to make sure not only that they are learning, but that they love to learn.

Through each facet of our teachings, we incorporate God's Truth and lessons from the Bible. Here at Jacob's Well, we want children to know God on a holistic spectrum in order to see God in all that we do.

Being an owner of different ethnicity, we also understand the importance of children to retain their own ethnic language. It is exciting to be a pioneer in childcare where we will work with families to teach their children their ethnic language if you deem this is important to you.

Jacob's Well Learning Center - Our Curriculum - Cincinnati Ohio

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