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Preschool (3 yrs to 4 yrs)

Our preschool is where we start to fine-tune the established learning foundations through a variety of activities that the children can choose from to fit their personal learning styles. We cover a variety of topics that teach them about God and what He has made. We have a stimulating and fun curriculum that helps the children with the following skills:
  • Language Skills (writing letters and beginning reading)
  • Cognitive Skills (puzzles, problem-solving and games)
  • Motor Skills (organized games, movement and dancing)
  • Social Skills (sharing and cooperating with others)
  • Artistic Skills (crafts, music, art projects)
  • Computer Skills (using a mouse and keyboard)
  • Spiritual Development (Bible stories, sons, praying for others)
Preschool is where we start preparing children to be successful in Kindergarten where we follow all Ohio learning content standards.

Exclusively at our center, we will work with families of different ethnicities to help their children learn their native language. At this age, children are learning to form basic language structures. We will use a variety of audio and visual tools in our separate language room to aid in their language development. We are proud to be a pioneer in this type of language development in early childhood education.

Our teachers are committed to pray for your young ones, for their safety and their development as children of God.

Jacob's Well Learning Center - Preschool Curriculum - Cincinnati Ohio

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