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Jacob's Well provides a safe place for parents to entrust their children for daily care. Jacob's Well, in the Bible, is the well where Jesus met the Samaritan woman (John 4) and offered her "Living Water", from which whoever would drink would never thirst but would become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life. This well represented a place of safety where a Samaritan woman would not be persecuted, but also a place to receive the gift of eternal life through Jesus.

Jacob's Well is a safe haven where children can begin two important paths: learning about God and His plans for us and fostering competency in all areas of life. Jacob's Well is a first class child care service that values helping children to live a life of loving God, loving others, and loving to learn.

Here at Jacob's Well, our dedication is not only to our children, but their families as well. We want to take part in teaching a variety of skills to your children, but also provide support to families as to continue this education apart from the center.


I cannot say enough positive things about Jacob’s Well Learning Center!  Since finding the center, not a day has gone by that I have worried about my son while I’m away at work.  The staff treats my son as one of their own and my son absolutely loves Jacob’s Well and asks to go even on days he is not scheduled to!  I originally chose Jacob’s Well after touring almost every other facility in Mason.  I was initially drawn to Jacob’s Well because of their clutter-free classrooms, their indoor motor room, their “family-like” environment, and the two healthy meals (and snack) they serve daily.  The neatness and organization of the center provides for an environment that is not over-stimulating for young children.  Having the meals and snacks included makes my job as a mom easier in the mornings because I do not have to pack food for my son!  And as an added bonus, my son loves their food!  In addition, Jacob’s Well has cameras in every room which allows me to check in at any time and the center does not charge extra for this service!  Since finding Jacob’s Well, I have also been impressed with their commitment to finding and retaining top-notch teachers and their responsiveness to my son’s needs.  As an elementary teacher myself, I am also impressed with the education that my 3 year old son is receiving.  His improvements in both his academic and social skills amaze me daily, and I attribute this to his education at Jacob’s Well.  The teachers, owner and director appear passionate about their jobs and work very hard at making the center the best around.  I would highly recommend Jacob’s Well Learning Center to anyone looking for a caring and nurturing child-care setting for their child(ren)! 

My son, a preschooler simply loves this School. He talks about his teachers, friends and looks forward to going to school everyday, so much so that I have trouble keeping him at home on holidays...The infrastructure is great, I fell in love with the school building, when I had a tour. The rooms are neat, bright, spacious, well organized. They have playgrounds and the icing on the cake was an indoor play area, so rain or snow, the kids have their share of playing and running around. The teachers are very nice with kids, they teach them so much, and all seems like lots of fun. I can say this because I have seen a tremendous change in my son, ever since he started going to school. They are very warm and friendly. It is easy to distract him, by just talking about his school n teachers, if ever upset about something... what more to add to say that the kids love this place !!!The management is fantastic. The owner, director and the entire staff makes u feel at home. You can see your child online as there are cameras in every room. Each minute the child spends in school, he/she can be watched over by parents..So the building, classrooms, hot fresh breakfast, lunch n snack, webcams, indoor play area, teachers....all make the schooling, a great experience...I have and in future, recommend this to all my friends. WELL DONE, JACOB'S WELL TEAM!!!

I have had my toddler at Jacob's Well for about 9 months, after trying, and not being pleased at all with, another local "chain" daycare. I cannot express how pleased I am in the care that Jacob's Well gives my son. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, the facility is impressive and immaculate, and the education my son is receiving is priceless. I would highly, highly recommend Jacob's Well over other local daycare centers in the Mason area. Many daycare centers seem to be focused on enrolling as many children as possible, then on "crowd control," and that's it.....Jacob's Well will focus on your child and his/her development!

I have had my three toddlers at Jacob's Well since July and I could not be happier with this school! They have wonderful caring staff that has made us feel welcome and a part of their extended family since day 1 and an absolutely amazing facility. When we started, the kids were a little behind on gross motor skills and had some sensory processing issues, the teachers have brought them so far and their indoor and outdoor play areas have been wonderful for their development. The thing that immediately attracted me to this school was the calmness of the classrooms and how uncluttered the rooms were compared to other facilities I had visited. The children seemed so much more relaxed and not over-stimulated because of this. The outdoor and indoor play areas are great and they did water days all summer which the kids loved. The arts and crafts that they work on with the kids have also helped with some of the sensory issues around messy play. Honestly, I can not say enough great things about this school. Knowing that my kids are safe, happy and receiving balanced meals twice a day when they are there (that I don't have to pack) gives me the peace of mind to focus on the other things I need to do on those days. As someone who has visited every comparable facility in this area, I truly feel that Jacob's Well is the best childcare and early education center here. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking!

As an expatriate family who has relocated four times in five years, our priority was to find a warm and caring environment for our children. Jacob's Well is like a second home to our three children (two in full-day care and one in their after school program). Since commencing in June 2012, we have seen them grow academically, socially and spiritually. I would attribute this to their team of dedicated staff who are always approachable and genuinely interested to bring out the best in our children. Their emphasis on Christian values, fun and engaging approach to academics and unique language immersion program sets them apart from other learning centers we had considered. Classrooms are clean and bright with age-appropriate fittings and educational resources. Their indoor playroom and outdoor playgrounds also allow children to receive physical activity no matter what the weather. Opportunities for extra-curricular activities during the school day itself such as Chinese language and soccer has also provided new experiences for our children. If only there was something like this back in our home country! It really is Cincinnati's best kept secret when it comes to early learning.


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